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  • The Perfect Practice

    The sales video which “blew away” our client… Academy for Growth (AFG), a global business that supports and provides tools for accountants. Once again, the intended audience for this 10 minute production is accountants wishing …

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  • Go Global

    The client, Arrow Electronics, required a video introducing the company, but with a twist of creativity so it avoided the normal humdrum of corporate presentations. VideoMagi wrote the script, provided the voice-over and created the …

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  • Come Meet With Us

    Our client, Academy for Growth (AFG), are a global business that supports and provides tools for accountants. They needed a video which their members could use to help acquire new clients …this mixed-animation video is …

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  • Come Meet With Us 2

    Following the mixed-animation sales video we created for Academy for Growth (AFG), we were asked to create a version which could be use anywhere in the world because this time there would be no voice-over. …

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  • 3SG Joint Venture

    VideoMagi’s parent company, BusinessMagi, creates information products for small businesses. This video is for one of those products. It’s a ‘big production’ video designed to recruit affiliates for the product launch …but as with many …

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  • Introducing the UWI Label

    UWI Technology is a new technology startup backed by serious investment. The video we created for them is primarily a doodle-style animation and describes the ‘invention’ which is at the heart of the company. VideoMagi …

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  • Child’s Play

    VideoMagi was commissioned by the UK office of the huge multinational Arrow Electronics to do a light-hearted celebration video of Microsoft “embedded” technology that would continue a kids theme as seen in another video they …

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  • WAAR Sales Video

    This is a mixed-animation sales video for an information product created by our parent company, BusinessMagi. It was this video, created in-house, which kick-started a whole new wave of enquiries for our video work. Mixing …

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  • Video Examples

    Scroll down now to see an array of projects and videos, both internal projects and client work such as Arrow Electronics and UWI Technology…

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