About VideoMagi

Discover more about VideoMagi including the demand which inspired our birth, the wealth of experience behind our video productions and the psychological twist which sets us apart. Just scroll down now...


The VideoMagi Story

VideoMagi is a creative video service spun out of the very successful business training company, BusinessMagi – and just as with our parent company, Michael Christon is the creative force behind VideoMagi.

For many years, clients of BusinessMagi had asked who was creating the videos for their products and promotions, and for a long time the answer was “in-house production”. But after a while it became very clear there was a demand to be fulfilled, so in October 2012 Michael relented and tentatively began to do small pieces of client work.

The response was overwhelming …everybody and their mother wanted a Magi video!

And so, VideoMagi was born.

Servicing clients throughout the world, from one-man operations to $20 Billion corporations like Arrow Electronics, VideoMagi has quickly become the first and only choice for kick-ass business videos. Thanks to Michael Christon’s many years of success in business – and whether you’re after a quick one minute productions or epic twenty-five minute sales video, a VideoMagi production offers you a unique blend of creativity and sales and marketing skill …this means, videos by VideoMagi get results.

Because not only do you have access to attention-grabbing concepts, persuasive scripts and jaw-dropping visuals – but also every video is infused with a psychological insight that only Michael and VideoMagi can bring.

So whatever your needs, whether that includes scripting, voice-over or even the entire video concept, contact VideoMagi now to secure the best video production in the business.