Creating videos that result in great results for the client is the only real test of success. Scroll down now to hear from some of our many satisfied clients...


Arrow Testimonial

Arrow needed a video for a prestigious Microsoft-related event and as is so often the case, the requirement was flagged to me at the last minute with a vague set of requirements. However, it didn’t take too much thought before I picked the phone up to talk with Michael at VideoMagi. Who else was going to be able to decipher my sketchy description, poor quality footage and turn it into something fantastic? …and all under intense time pressure.

We discussed the theme and the basic ideas.  Maybe black and white, Reservoir Dogs theme music… Michael then ran with it and we were more than delighted with the outcome.

No changes or edits were required, it exceeded our expectations and brought us much kudos internally and even amongst our competitors. Needless to say, Michael is the first person we call for videos, in fact we’ve already commissioned VideoMagi again for a whole series of work.

A delight to work with, Michael just gets it, adds more value than I have the space to write about and delivers an awesome product. Seriously, stop reading and call him!

Andrew Sayers, Marketing Director, Arrow OCS

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UWI Testimonial

I had been looking for a clear and simple, but effective method for presenting our UWI Label to potential customers, investors and development partners that reflected the simplicity of the label. Knowing Michael’s work and the incredible enthusiasm and creativity he brings to any project, he was an obvious first choice for UWI.

Straight away, Michael went into creative mode making loads of suggestions on what we could do, how it could look with various types of imagery etc. Michael was involved from the very beginning at the concept stage and able to draw on his many years of experience making presentations that work, not just visually, but with his psychology and marketing hats on as well.

Having thrashed out the message I wanted to get across with Michael’s guidance and intuitive tweaks, we nailed the script. Throughout the process, Michael was brilliant at suggesting various options for the visuals that would tie in and reinforce the voice-over message.

With a rough storyboard completed, Michael set about creating his magic with the doodle-animation – and I have to say even his first draft was brilliant, requiring only a few tweaks for it to be complete.

The reaction to Michael’s work has been phenomenal …and that is across the world. He had brilliantly translated the simplicity of the UWI Label into an attention-grabbing and informative video animation.

Without doubt, Michael Christon is the go to guy for effective marketing and promotional videos.

Pete Higgins, Founder & CEO, UWI Technology

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Arrow Testimonial

Having signed up to deliver a ‘virtual conference’ to showcase our company, suppliers and our joint solutions and capabilities, I was looking at some pretty dry material. PowerPoint presentations, PDF brochures…

…All the information was there but it was dull.

I couldn’t lead with what we had, especially as the conference was to be publicised to thousands of people. I was running out of time. I needed something more. A video. But not just any video…

Once again, it had to have the VideoMagi treatment!

So I called Michael. When did I need it? Ahem… Yesterday, as ever! Not surprisingly, Michael was busy and up to his ears in work. But being the professional that he is, he squeezed us in, and worked some serious overtime to get us out of trouble.

It must be said that Michael excelled himself. He took a basic concept and turned it into something truly compelling. Our original script was filed neatly in the bin and instead Michael created something new, perfect for our audience with that special touch that draws the listener in (just ask Michael about the psychology stuff and ‘flow’).

Just as before, I am more than delighted with the outcome (when a colleague saw it – and this is usually Mr Cynical – he just said, “Wow, that is awesome!”)

Once again, Michael has over-delivered and I’m looking forward to our next project together.

Andrew Sayers, Marketing Director, Arrow OCS

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